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photo credit: The Rocketeer via photopin cc Welcome to another episode of Best Butt Exercises! Well another week has flown by, but I hope you have been working your butt out during the past week, especially leading up to the holiday season where weight gain and getting out of shape can be all too easy if you’re not

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Permalink. Hi Abba, If you are noticing your butt getting bigger without having done any specific butt exercises it is likely due to storing fat in that area, it’s true that women tend to store fat in their buttocks more than men and this is usually caused by the female hormone estrogen.

Mens Butt Exercise 109

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Exercise Focus: Bridges, an under utilized exercise for glutes (your butt!), hamstrings, and core muscles. See fitness model Kelly do bridges and show you how to …

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You quietly envied all women blessed with curvy hips and buttocks, but your options were limited. Unfortunately, the hips and butt are areas that do not respond well to diet or exercise.