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So you think you’re gay? Claim to be a lez? Let’s see about that.

Justin Bieber wet his whistle, solo, in an unexpected hot spot a North Hollywood gay bar. We’re told Justin walked into Club Cobra on Saturday at around 9 PM with only one bodyguard and ordered a beer. We spoke to the club’s bouncer, who got a pic with JB he tells us he doesn’t think Justin

Shows that gay men, lesbians and bisexuals can be true Christians although sexually active

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Evangelical Christians are famous for their opposition to gay marriage. Slowly but undeniably, however, they are changing course.

Rapper M.A is not only super popular she’s proud to be a role model for gay people trying to find themselves. The openly gay artist — who is CRUSHING 2016 with her hit “Ooouuu” — seemed happy she’s inspiring the next generation. The 24-year-old also talked tattoos and even brushed

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Are you a Christian who is curious about pegging? Or perhaps your spouse brought it up. In this post, we tackle the moral questions as well as trying to understand why someone might want to do this.

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Feb 03, 2011 · Official: Free internet porn is not . Nor is it unfairly competing with porn companies who’d rather you paid for your thrills, according to a California Appeals Court, which has dismissed a case against one free site, Redtube.com, as an unfair attack on free speech.

At a very age, collegeren are being told that homosexuality is okay. Here is Gods view, carefully written for readers.

An interactive oasis for singles to hang out, chat, share experiences, find resources and be inspired. And home of the book.

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The If It’s You, It’s Okay trope as used in popular culture. Someone is mostly straight or gay, with one exception. (If they’re asexual with one exception, …

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